Our spring workshop dates have been posted.

AND in Essoyes, 2017 is the Year of Renoir....stay tuned for more about that. 

ALSO, Janet Hulstrand will be leading a new book group ("France via American Eyes") at the American Library in Paris starting January 19. 

Finally, here is our new video, giving you a little glimpse of "Our French Ranch," where our writing workshops are held.

Hope to see some of you in Essoyes this year! 


Janet Hulstrand will be leading a book group ("Mysteries of Paris") at the American Library in Paris, starting September 28. Want to know more? Here's the link: http://www.americanlibraryinparis.org/events-programs/book-groups.html

We're also resuming our "mini" Saturday workshops. This is a great opportunity to get a peek at Essoyes, and a sampling of what a Writing from the Heart workshop is like. It is also in and of itself a wonderful weekend excursion to this very beautiful little town (beloved of Renoir), and the very interesting part of France in which it is located, just 2 1/2 hours away from Paris. 

Our "minis" are specifically designed so that those who do not wish to stay away from Paris overnight can do so: but we strongly recommend that if you can, you consider staying in Essoyes, in Troyes, or in one of the many wonderful nearby villages and towns, for at least one night. You'll find that this is a wonderful part of France to explore, and you will no doubt be pleased if you decide to stay here a little longer.

The "minis" are two-hour sessions, held at "Our French Ranch" on the edge of town. A walking tour of the village can be added on (or you can sign up just for the walking tour). There will be will be three Writing from the Heart minis offered in October: October 15, 22, and 29. So grab a friend, rent a car or take the train to Troyes, and come see what you're missing! Want more detail? Write to janet.hulstrand@gmail.com


Announcing Our New Writing-from-the-Heart Saturday Mini-Workshops

Starting this summer, in addition to our week-long Writing from the Heart workshops, we will be offering Saturday mini-workshops.

The mini-workshops can be warm-ups to or “sample tastes” of a full workshop; refreshers after a workshop; or stand-alone opportunities to be inspired, encouraged, energized, or re-energized. They do not need to be taken in sequence, and will be offered from time to time throughout the year.

With Essoyes less than 3 hours away from Paris (whether you drive from Paris, or take the train to Troyes and then rent a car or take a cab), this is an excellent opportunity for writers* to break away from Paris for a day, or a weekend, and simultaneously discover a beautiful and relatively undiscovered part of France.

You can choose to follow the mini-workshop with a guided walking tour (in English) around this beautiful little village, which was the beloved home of Pierre Auguste Renoir (the Impressionist painter) and Jean Renoir (the filmmaker). Or you can come for just the walking tour (led by Janet Hulstrand) if you like.

A word to the wise--there’s an awful lot to see and do out here--you will probably want to stay in the area for at least one night if you possibly can.


A special place to create...

In addition to our chalet and art studio, there is no place as inspiring as spending a few days and nights writing, drawing, and singing in an authentic gypsy caravan!

Nearing the end of its renovation, it will soon be available to our students and guests.