Praise for Writing from the Heart…in the Heart of France

“A wonderful week of writing, in a charming and welcoming French village.” Joan (Wisconsin)

“The first dinner we had together made me know that I’d found the right person, the right place, the right enthusiasm to plug on with delight.” Trish (California)


“The setting, style, and sequencing of Janet Hulstrand’s Writing from the Heart in Essoyes far exceeds any stateside offering I’ve ever encountered. Go to Essoyes to become at once quieted and refreshed, inspired by your own thoughts, and those of others. Words spill forth like champagne! Go, just go, to Essoyes! Even if you’ve never written before: you will there!” Jessica (Virginia)

“Writing from the Heart” gave me the inspiration I needed to begin my writing career. Janet Hulstrand is a compassionate, skilled teacher who generously shares her writing life with participants. Her knowledge of writing, and publishing, especially within the social media mainstream, is invaluable….the resources she provides are in-depth, thoughtful and idea-provoking…Whether you desire to tell your own stories or those of others, Essoyes offers both stimulation (in its incredibly historic setting) and comfort (in the way the experience engulfs you). Go. Write. Feel safe. Be brave. Take the risk! Janet is there to catch you. And she is there to set you free.” Cynthia (Pennsylvania)

“My bag is almost packed with clothes, champagne, and fun, wonderful memories of Essoyes! In my suitcase there is also the sound of a very large door opening, to writing and all its possibilities…I will bring home with me the courage of telling the truth, of tenacious effort and belief in the good…Thank you for all your efforts to make this a gentle and kind space in which to learn to Write from the Heart.” Jan (Colorado)

“I appreciated Janet’s ability to draw out in a gentle and supportive manner the courage in each of us to bare our souls in our writing attempts, especially for those of us who were insecure and hesitant. A gentle facilitator!” Karin (Costa Rica)

“Janet’s kind and gentle support and enthusiasm helped me jump-start a long-simmering project into movement. I highly recommend Writing from the Heart…” Sharon (Paris)

“The peacefulness and beauty of the location in Essoyes deepened the experience of coming together with other writers for inspiration and support. I hope to return one day.” (Lena, Ohio) (Note: She did return! )